Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Started a new job....

I am a working Mama now. I took a job at the local Wal-Mart Pharmacy to make extra money to pay for our youngest daughter's adoption attorney. Tonight was my first night back there and they tossed me to the wolves! I seriously have not operated a cash register in MANY years and they just throw you on like you are supposed to know what to do. I was taking patient info, pulling prescriptions, checking inventory, you name it. Wow, I am not even finished with training. I guess they believe in me more than I do myself????

I don't mind working, but I do mind leaving my children at home. Rob is home with them a lot of the time, but our friend who lives here will also be caring for them. I don't really like giving up control. I am a Mama Bear at heart. I know he will do well with them, but it's just the whole idea of working and leaving them that isn't settling....but this too shall pass! I realize it's only temporary!

Rob is supposed to hear something back in the next couple of weeks about the job, so we will know hen he is to arrive. The last we heard is they want him to start on the 6th or the 20th of December. It doesn't give us much time to buy a ticket, pack his things, and send him on his way. But with the government, things go this way at times. He was really hoping to wait until after the holidays to leave, but he will do whatever is asked of him.

Today was our baby girls 1st birthday! She is so dear. We just love her to bits. Miss Blessing had a good day. Her little party is on Saturday. We invited friends and family. So far a few have replied they are coming. We have a party at Rob's job in the afternoon, so we will get underway here about noontime. We are having a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for all who come, along with cake and ice cream. My Mama ordered her cake, and since 7 of us are gluten-free now, I will come up with something for us.

I guess I will close for now. My bed is calling my name. God bless you all.


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Blessing (what a cute name). I hate to hear your husband will have to come up before Christmas. That must be hard to plan around. I remember being in the stage that you are in...the not knowing what or when stage. It wasn't a fun stage for me. Good luck figuring things out at your new job!

  2. Thanks Hayley! She got her name by us not wanting to give her true name in the NICU (due to her birthmother going in/out, long story!) and it stuck. Her given name is Annaliese Victoria Rain. When she has her final adoption hearing, we have to make a decision on where to put Blessing in her name. We might drop Victoria, not sure.

    It's hard to plan for sure! Hubby just wanted to be home for Christmas, but if he is still here and working at his present job...he has to work 16 hrs on Christmas! So either way, he won't be home!