Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Post..

Hi fellow blog followers. I am hoping to establish this blog to give you a more intimate peek into our everyday lives as homeschooling, Jesus-loving, people who are on a journey. Right now, the journey is heading to a far-away place called ALASKA! Rob has been offered an amazing position in a remote location called Delta Junction. He would be working at Fort Greely for the US Army as a Public Safety Dispatcher. It's been a long journey to this point. More to follow....


  1. How exciting for you to be making the journey to AK. I see that you're already following Karla, Nicole's and Hayley's blogs. I haven't had the opportunity to meet Hayley yet, but I will in time. :) I have met Karla and Nicole.

    I'm Susan and I live in North Pole. I saw your comment to Sarah Sue from Manley, in her blog. I've lived in AK since 2003. Moved up here from FL. I love it here!

    I don't know as much about Delta as the three gals above do, but I can help you with any information about other parts of AK, as my husband and I frequently travel around the state camping (summer).

    Good luck to your family with your planning and your travels.

    Susan in North Pole

  2. Welcome to blogging, and to Delta Junction! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! I've met both Hayley and Nicole, through my job. :) Small world. Great place to live!

  3. Hi Susan and Karla! I didn't even know you gals posts comments, see how new I am to this :)

    Susan, I think I had written to you about a calendar if you had any left! You are an amazing photographer. I was watching a show on bear attacks in Alaska the other night. Wow that was sure a scary thought. We have never owned a weapon, but are rethinking the idea! Thanks for being my first comment!

    Karla, thanks for the warm welcome! We are getting pretty excited. It does seem like such a small, small world when you think about it. I love reading all of you gals blogs and hope I can become half the blooger!